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  • Price – The largest benefit that comes with TPO roofing is the fact that it’s affordable. It’s as sturdy as other roofing materials made from rubber that include PVC or EPDM but comes at only a fraction of the price. With TPO you will be able to enjoy the advantages of traditional roofing materials without the cost. Although it is among the least expensive roofing materials available that are available it still offers outstanding performance from TPO as well as a variety of other advantages, too.
  • Durability Its durability TPO roofing is invulnerable to a variety of elements that typically cause damage and deterioration of other roofing materials. UV radiations, fungal growths temperatures, and even harsh weather will not affect TPO which means you won’t need to be concerned about regular repairs becoming an issue. The rubber-based composition of TPO doesn’t build up the dirt or grime quite as quickly like other roofing systems, making it’s a low-maintenance option that doesn’t require a lot of cleaning. Because of its superior quality, it’s a hassle-free roofing option that will please homeowners of all kinds.
  • Energy Efficiency TPO’s light reflective surface stops it from absorption of radiation and heat. It is therefore an energy efficient roofing solution that helps to avoid excessive heat accumulation and keep the ideal temperature inside your business or home.
  • Easy Installation It is easy to install TPO offers the advantage of simple installation, which makes it more attractive to commercial property owners.

If you’re thinking of investing into a TPO roof for the Mahwah home trust Puccio Construction Management to get the job done properly. When we’ve completed our work we’ll make sure you’re happy that you chose us as our commercial roofing company.


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